Sunday, 14 October 2012

2009 Reunion

Phillip Reunert, John Swingler, Ken Gaglione, Simon O'Regan and their families got together yesterday to remember the 2009 ride. Great memories as we flipped through the photos.

John, Ken and Phillip made a short ride around here before a little lubrication and grub.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Matthias Liebich training in Germany


Chris Visagie training in SA

Looks more like another professional ride to me!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Team members preparing for the Big Ride

Training is now in full swing after the Olympics rush and team members are training in
The UK
South Africa
and David is just all over the world.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

2012 Challenge in planning

On the 22 October the third bike ride will start in Cape Town in memory of Peter. We will be cycling through the most gorgeous routes of the Cape Province and sample some of the best wines, gastronomy and wildlife.

It is a chance in a lifetime and and it is for a great cause. Raising much needed funds for GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour).

The illustrious history of the ride for a cure.
2006 - 1000 miles in 10 days from Lands End to John O' Groats in the United Kingdom
2009 - 1000 miles in 10 days from Montreal Canada to New York, USA

This time we have involved a specialist organiser, Skedaddle, to organise the ride, simply because of the time and effort invested you deserve a great an memorable experience as well as a fabulous time. Check our partner and their track record on

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The ride has NOW started - Follow Ride diary on web

The ride has now started and we will update the diary as and when we can. We will also post photos when we can

23 September - 60 km warme up ride through Montreal

24 September - 145 Km from Montreal to Sherbrooke.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

3 hour Spinning Event at Woking Leisure Centre

Gail, Phillipa and Andy did a fantastic job rotating as instructors and keeping 64 bodies spinning over a 3hr period. More than 2006 calories per person were burned if you spinned for 3hrs. Lots of water was consumed, but some opted for a beer in the bar.
Hope there are not too many stiff legs and sore buts this morning. We appreciate every bit of effort you have put in to help us raise money for GIST. Thank you to everyone who participated in the event. Riette and Dylan
Some still gong strong after 2hrs.
Leigh, Sure, Cara, James and Peter

Putting in the last bit of effort before we hit the road.

Lauren and Robyn doing there bit.

Greenfield School raises money for GIST

On Friday, 18 September, Mrs Hine from Greenfield School, organised a fun Cycling event for Dylan to raise money for the GIST research fund. Thank you to the 40 families who participated as well as the teachers who joined in. We couldn't believe our luck with weather and the children had so much fun with the variety of fun races from "Polo on bikes" to cycling with beach balls and s showing some skills for the slowest ride to the fastest ride. As always the parents were so competitive and we all loved Mrs Belcher's cycling on her little bike, definitely the best on the day!! Hope she has recovered and are able to walk on Monday.
Greenfield children

Mrs Belcher and her teenie weenie bike!!!

Mrs Hine . the mastermind behind the event.

Dylan and his mates.

Mrs Kettlewell assisting in the beach ball event.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Team Sappi

Someone has been working out and is more than ready for the ride!!! This is the before picture, will do one after 1000 miles ride Ray and see the difference!!!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Couleur Collection supports GCRF

Marcia Feller from Couleur Collection in Falmouth Maine has very generously donated $2500 to GCRF. We very much appreciate her and Bob's support to this very worthy cause. Bob is riding again this year and they and all their friends will be hosting and looking after us as we over night in Maine. Thanks to you and all your friends. See Marcia's website and also her collection of paintings.

Dylan and Marcia in 2007

Bob in his Sappi gear

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Remembering You

Please Light a Candle for Peter today

Peter passed away quietly and peacefully on the 22 of August 2006. He initiated and planned this event and it was his intention to join in on the first ride. This event says volumes about Peter, he motivated, inspired and persuaded a varied group of people and companies to participate and give support, time and money to the ride. He organised, planned and trained, while still undergoing treatment. His positive attitude, fighting spirit and courage inspired the team to complete the ride in his honour. Peter you are sorely missed by us all.

Lets remember why we are doing the 2009 ride. Thank you for the challenge and count yourself lucky to be part of this amazing event.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Ausies complete 2,285,714 steps - 1000 miles

We challenged our Sowelu clients to create teams of 4 or more to attempt to step the same distance we were cycling (1600km). Their challenge was to step 10,000 or more steps a day over a max of 62 days and ultimately complete 2 285 714 steps. The teams completing this in the quickest time were the overall winner and receved a lovely Sowelu gift voucher which included massages, facial and a voucher to spend in store. This prize was awarded at our rider support function. As well as the awards we had a silent auction with gifts lovingly donated to us by various businesses around the Brisbane Paddington area and some from the Gold Coast as well. Random raffle draws were also held and everyone had a wonderful time networking and just having fun.

Just a quick letter of thanks to show our gratitude to you all. Your encouragement and support for our cause is heartfelt. Our rider support function was a wonderful success with everyone having a wonderful time with Champaign and smiles flowing.Well done to all the step challenge teams for completing the gruelling 2 month challenge to walk over 2million steps. Special mention must be made to the winning team “The Bentleys”. Thanks to your loving support we are able to complete our journey to assist the GIST foundation to raise the much needed funds to continue their support for those affected by GIST and their families. Thank you once again to all those who assisted in the organization, donations of auction items and raffle draw prizes and a very special thank you to Leah Marshall (Marshall Money) for organizing food, drinks prizes and much much more. Some beautiful borrowed words to conclude our thanks to you all - “This is the world within the world, friends without faces, but certainly not without hearts. It is the beauty of your hearts that is shining here above all” - Roxy & Karen -x-